Rumble Strip Graphics

Rumble Strip Graphics was founded in Portland in May of 1998
. Now located in Brunswick, Maine, this small, avant-garde studio is gaining a reputation for professional, cost-effective, hands-on service among business owners in the greater Portland area and nationwide. Are you turned off by self-important, overpriced design firms? Our aim is simple, to bring superior creative services, print and web design, and direct marketing strategies to your business. All at a fraction of the cost of a traditional ad agency or large developer. By blurring the distinction between a design studio and an ad agency, we have found that we can give companies of any size a chance to compete for commerce on the web and in traditional advertising media.

We have extensive backgrounds in graphic design and production, advertising and marketing consulting, copywriting, and fine arts. We specialize in design and conception for both web and print campaigns (direct mail, product packaging, brochures, etc.); and have found a unique niche as a "secret weapon" for large corporations who need to give their creative a makeover, without spending big agency prices. In addition, we have helped many small and mid-sized businesses realize their dreams of a quality internet visibility without a prohibitive pricetag-- either building sites from the ground up, or by refurbishing their boring, outdated sites. From there, we assist in buttressing the new visibility with a custom marketing program of direct mail or a series of print ads.

Our client list is impressive, and has included everything from large corporations such as Banknorth, People's Heritage Financial Group, Bank of New Hampshire, Houghton-Mifflin Company, The Thomson Corporation, and SenTech Medical Systems; national web retailers and service providers, and across a wide range of smaller businesses located both in Maine and across the U.S.

It didn't take long for us to realize that a dynamic, attention-grabbing web site backed up by a coordinated direct mail or other print campaign was the answer to stimulating interest and cash flow in all companies, whether large multinational corporations, or small startup home businesses. We feel that having one designer handle both the web and print design needs of a company, brings a cohesiveness and cost-effectiveness to any advertising strategy.

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