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GoGo Giggle A retail company specializing in fun stuff for kids, the product line includes colorful socks, shoelaces, games, handmade stuffed animals, facecloths, and other gifts. Each product features one or more of a group of six adorable characters known as the GoGo Giggles.

Dinardo Design A design firm in Concord, Massachusetts specializing in zany, colorful and fun educational materials for kids.

Gardner Labs (screenshot) Design treatment for a cellular biology lab at the University of Washington. Screenshots of working design.

Cengage Learning Holiday Card Animated holiday card for Cengage Learning. "The Unstoppable Snow Plow."

Maine Cabin Films A small independent film company run by Maine native Bill Ladd. Los Angeles, California.

Filene Foundation (screenshot 1) Design treatment for the Lincoln & Therese Filene charitable foundation.

Filene Foundation (screenshot 2) Design treatment for the Lincoln & Therese Filene charitable foundation.

Roughneck Shaving Label (screenshot) Design treatment and logo for Artisan Shaving Cream.

Voiceovers by Moe Web site for acclaimed female voiceover artist Moe Egan.

Chestnut Hill Advisors A marketing strategy and research consultancy in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts.

Jessica McClintock Jewelry Design for a retail jewelry site.

Scarborough Village A informational website prior to a local referendum, proposing a development plan for Scarborough, Maine including the Scarborough Downs racetrack.

Larson Learning Premier interactive math achievment software for grades 6–8. A division of Houghton Mifflin Company. Wilmington, Massachusetts.

Write Source Tour Great Source Education Group was a leader in the educational market with a series of popular student handbooks for reading, writing, and math for all grades. Popular Write Source program is available for grades K–12, and is spotlighted in this whimsical Flash tour. A division of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Wilmington, Massachusetts

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